2015 Twintips

   Team-series twintip

   Prototype twintip






Prototype-series Twintips.
The Art of custom board shaping.
All 2015 twintips are custom built in Germany.
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The true custom board experience - At the pinnacle of every sport lies custom built gear , mountain biking, snowboarding, surfing to name a few, where production can no longer compete in performance or longevity , Nomad kiteboarding for over 15 years is that company at the pinnacle of kitesurfing. Nomad kiteboarding takes every aspect of a kiteboard design and uniquely customizes it to the clients requirements, size, flex, footstrap positioning, graphics, freestyle or freeride designs are some of the many options modyfied. Using the latest 3D programming , CNC machining and aerospace carbon/kevlar fiber technologies Nomad hand builds the most beautiful high performance easy to use kiteboards.
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